Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mourning the Passing of Founding Member, Kay Runkle

The Millbrae Community Foundation extends it condolences on the passing of founding member, Kay Runkle.

Kay was born over one hundred years ago on October 30, 1916. She spent her early years on a wheat and dairy farm in Oklahoma before earning her Library Science degree from Emporia State University and her B.A. in American Literature from Oklahoma State. After touring Europe’s most magnificent sights in 1939, she enlisted as an officer in the U.S. Navy WAVES in 1942. While in the service, she fell in love with an Army officer, Albert Runkle from Millbrae, CA. Kay lived in Millbrae for 60 years afterwards. She served as Taylor Intermediate School’s librarian for 18 years, actively participated in New Visions Methodist Church, and volunteered in many organizations serving underprivileged groups and seniors. Kay received both the Millbrae Woman of the Year Award and the Women’s Hall of Fame Award for her tireless service. In her free time, she enjoyed traveling, sewing, painting, gardening, reading, and spending time with her loved ones.

Kay joined MCF in April 1995, when the foundation was still in the process of gaining its official non-profit status. Kay thrived in her role as secretary. She, Victor Graff, R. Terry Bauer, and Millie Bishop met regularly to produce the founding documents. As such, Kay’s name is forever engraved on the Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation. We could not have done the work we do today without her service and her participation in conceptualizing MCF.\

Thank you, Kay, for everything you have done for our wonderful community. We will miss you dearly.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Millbrae Community Center Fund

MCF has established a fund for contributions to restore Millbrae's Community Center after this disastrous fire. Donations may be made to the Millbrae Community Foundation, Community Center Fund, PO Box 1612, Millbrae, Ca 94030, or go to and make a donation by PayPal or credit card. 

For every donation towards our Millbrae Community Center Fund, MCF will match it dollar-for-dollar (up to $20,000).

Saturday, October 22, 2016

$1000 Scholarship for Millbrae Residents!

Hello Mills and Capuchino Class of 2017! Millbrae Community Foundation is excited to announce that we are now offering two $1000 scholarships to graduating students that meet the following criteria:

  • Millbrae resident
  • Cumulative 2.5 GPA
  • First generation in immediate family to attend post high-school education
  • Community service experience
In addition to completing an application, students are required to respond to a writing prompt on a separate page and attach an unofficial transcript. 

Please e-mail all completed applications to

Applications are due February 3, 2017! 

Download the criteria and application here

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 2016 Grants

At its regularly scheduled board meeting on July 13, 2016, the MCF board approved the following:  A grant for $2,500 to LifeMoves to support summer programs for homeless children; a grant for $1,500 to Millbrae Community Television to support its documentary interviewing long-time residents to capture their memories of Millbrae; and a $3,000 grant to pay for the cost of pavers for the driveway to the new Carriage House Millbrae Historical Society is building.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Storage Shed for Cub Scout Pack 355

MCF provided $1000 for the building of a new shed for Cub Scout Pack 355, which began in June 2015. The site required clean‐up of brush, old pallets, removal of several large tree roots, and leveling. The foundation construction consisted of laying pressure treated ground contact redwood 4x4s on cinder block foundations. The 4x4s were connected together with galvanized corner brackets. Floor joists, beyond the shed instructions, were hung across the foundation and braced from below with cinder blocks. The additional joists and bracing was in excess of what the instructions called for and provided for a much more stable floor. ¾ inch plywood was used for the flooring. During the construction of the foundation, the walls of the shed were pre‐fabricated. Once the walls were constructed they were secured in place. Interior shelving was installed, then the roof joists and sheathing and finally doors and window. The roof was covered with tar paper and composite shingles.

Construction took approximately 6 or 7 days over a period of two months due to availability of the dads of the Pack. Don Meiner acted as the project leader and engineer. A special recognition goes to Johnson Woo. He is a very good carpenter and knows his way around a hammer. Move in to the shed occurred in August much to delight of Julie Turner and Lisa Price as all the Cub Scout containers left either their backyards or garages. Pack 355 heartily thanks MCF for the grant, and extends a tour of the shed to MCF members!

Cub Scout Pack 355 presented a plaque commemorating MCF's Donation!


Various Stages of the Shed's Construction

Thursday, February 11, 2016

MCF Attending Life Steps Donor Appreciation Reception

MCF board members Joan Chipser (Secretary) and Teresa Anselmo (Webmaster) will be attending the Life Steps Donor Appreciation Reception on February 20, 2016 in San Francisco. Last July, MCF approved a donation ($2,900) to their organization that would fund child-sized tables and chairs for their childcare program center here in Millbrae. Life Steps Foundation itself, founded in 1982, is dedicated to meeting the health, psychological and socioeconomic challenges of people throughout their lifespan who are experiencing mental, developmental or physical disabilities.

Teresa and Joan are very excited to attend the event, and to personally meet those that MCF helped. It is not often that we get an opportunity to witness such good things happening in our community.

Life Steps Foundation offers programs and services across California.

MCF Participates at Millbrae Super Chili Bowl Run!

 On February 6, 2016, Millbrae hosted its first "Super Chili Bowl" (yes, we were also initially confused at what that entailed). That morning (at 8am, way too early!), a 5K course started and finished in Central Park and winded through the heart of Millbrae. After successful completion of the course, runners enjoyed a free pancake breakfast provided by the Millbrae Lions Club. At 11am, the Super Bowl of Chili Cookoff commenced! Live music serenaded in the background while the contestants worked hard chopping onions and prepping beans. Other contestants included the Central County Firefighters, Pape Meat Company, Marshall Realty, and other local Millbraeans. Our MCF participants had a fantastic time -- who knew they were secretly chefs in their free time?

Debbie and Anna showcase the prize for their chili!

Debbie, Lynne, Cathy, and Anna